KIINIs come in 3 sizes. S, M, L

Sizing may vary slightly due KIINIs being hand-made. 

KIINIs with colored elastic (Tasmin, Lolo, Bea, Tuesday, Yaz, Ro and Tuli)  run a bit tight and we suggest sizing-up if you are between sizes.

KIINIs with metallic elastic (Chacha and Valentine) run true to size due to the metallic elastic having a bit more stretch than the colored elastic, and we suggest ordering your natural size.

If you feel you need to order a larger sized KIINI for more coverage and think the straps may be too long, we suggest taking your KIINI to a tailor to have the straps taken in. There are connection points in the elastic that can be easily tightened. It is generally a very quick and inexpensive process and will leave you with a perfectly fitting KIINI!

Please consult our size chart below for further questions.