Tasmin - Top (Pre-order)


*Oops we sold out! Tasmin KIINI is only available for pre-order.

Estimated delivery dates: 

If you ordered before January 20, 2015 we will ship your order between January 15-30

If you ordered on or after January  20, 2015 we will ship your order between February 15-30

Color: Navy with multi neon


KIINI swimsuits are a combination of handmade crochet, elastic and high tech fabrics. KIINIs are created without clasps, buttons or ties for the most secure fit and are perfect for active days at sand and sea. 

KIINIs come in a ziplock bag that can be used to carry your wet swimsuits, lotions etc.





KIINI Sizing Chart



Fabric: 75%Polyester, 25%Spandex

Yarn: 100% Cotton



**Exchanges are only accepted for the orders placed in the United States. No returns accepted!

Exchanges are subject to availability.

For the exchange policy please refer to: http://kiini.com/pages/policies 

Please take into consideration that KIINI's are constructed with elastic trims, therefore it will stretch to fit up to 3 additional inches